A Dermal Filler Explained

the structure of the skin is supported by the extracellular matrix or ECM for short which gives the skin its unique elasticity and tensile strength the ECM is a complex scaffold composed of proteins and fibers mainly produced by fibroblasts it’s most abundant component is collagen a protein that ensures the structural integrity of the skin fibroblasts stretch out through the collagen network and the resulting mechanical tension regulates collagen synthesis during the aging process the collagen fibers deteriorate and fragmented collagen accumulates as a result the mechanical tension decreases and fibroblast activities impaired leading to decreased collagen production and an increase in collagen degrading enzymes this reduces skin integrity and promotes a cycle of structural loss the jelq is injected directly into the deep dermis where it shows an immediate filling effect and corrects the localized loss of volume in addition the microspheres serve as a scaffold thi supportive scaffold promotes fibroblast activity and helps to trigger collagen neo Genesis over time the newly produced collagen Network strengthens the tissue connectivity in the dermis and the gel carrier begins to degrade simultaneously penetrating macrophages slowly dissolve the microspheres the gel regenerate s’ the fibroblast collagen Network and additionally stimulates elastin production in this way the skin regains structural support and elasticity with skin quality improving visibly.

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