Different Acne Meaning According to Different Parts of the Face

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well guys hmm

I have a hashtag word today that is going
to get everyone’s attention acne acne is

one of the biggest concerns that many of
us have and there are so many different

causes and reasons of acne and also
there are so many different kinds of

acne and breakouts also and that’s why
I can say that it is a pain in the

you know where that’s right, right? well
there are many different causes of acne

also if you wore the wrong makeup or
skincare that doesn’t fit your skin and

for genetic reasons or hormonal reasons
or even external factors however did you

guys know that breakouts can happen or
it can you know exists because of our

health problem or because of our daily
habit that’s why we have something extra

special today actually the place or area
that you breakout can actually tell us

the health condition that we have
currently so today let me introduce you

to what acne tells you about our
health condition or how you can take

care of your skin according to the
different areas of breakout appear

some product recommendations so don’t go
anywhere and keep tuned in however

please remember that the guideline that
we explain and share with you today is

just a basic guideline so it doesn’t
necessarily mean that for every single

person because you have a breakout in
the forehead it doesn’t mean that you

have some kind of bad condition with
your liver it doesn’t mean for every single person

you know it can be because of hormonal
issues or it can be because of my bangs

or anything but please keep in mind that
this is a general guideline

so let’s start with face mapping I like to call
it acne face mapping I give it a cute word

for it well anyways let us see
what areas of the face that you break

out at or you can see breakouts and that
will tell you what health conditions

that you might be currently having
and we have a face of my beautiful sexy face\

For a better understanding number one is
forehead let’s start with our forehead

one of the main reasons why we see
breakouts and we see acne on our

forehead it’s because of hormonal issues
because hormones affect the excessive

secretion of sebum on this area this causes
breakouts that is why we see a lot of

teenagers or we see that when we are in
our teen years we breakout a lot on our

forehead another factor is fringes yes if you
have bangs like on your forehead then of

course you have higher chances of
breaking out and I definitely can say it

as my personal experience when I used to
have bangs I used to breakout much more on my

forehead because our hair secretes oil
and it keeps on touching our forehead or

the leftover shampoo or hair treatment
on our hair is actually it’s like

touching our forehead this can irritate
the skin and cause more breakout so what part

of the body do you think is in a bad
condition if we get breakouts on our

forehead it’s the stomach so if we have a
trouble digesting or if you have

indigestion you are likely to see trouble
up here on your forehead

number two is temples and eyebrows so
let’s say it’s Friday night you go out

with your girls and you just getting drunk
or you know you’re at home and you get a

couple of beers or whatever the day
after you drink and you look closely

after that day in the mirror at your
face do you notice that times that you

breakout more around your eyebrow area
or temple it’s because these parts of

the face is related to our liver but
also if you are allergic to food you can

also have breakouts in this area and
another reason I can get breakouts in

this area it’s because you eat food with
really high calorie or really oily or

greasy food
all right so number three is cheeks so

we’re going to move down to our cheeks
because our cheeks have a more wider area

it has more sebaceous glands passing
through and since high sebum

production is one of the main causes of
breakdown compared to the other part of

the face so the cheek area is much more
vulnerable to breakouts and when you have

occasions that let’s say that your
cheek, the heat of your cheeks just rise

drastically then you can see more
breakouts then and one of the biggest

reasons why we get breakouts on our
cheeks is because of our cellphone I

mean we don’t know it but our phone is very
very dirty and not sanitary man and we

put it right on our cheeks in our faces
so seriously this is one of the biggest

reasons why we breakout this
definitely can cause irritation and much

more breakouts on our cheeks all right
number four is nose moving on to the nose

area if you get breakouts or a huge-ass
pimple on your nose it can mean that

you have bad blood circulation breakouts
on the nose can mean that you have maybe

a bad condition with your heart but
there are many other reasons also so it

might not be specific because of heart
but it may be we’re just letting you

know so this was really really
interesting one other reason, the

reason why you break out on your nose
can be because of constipation and we

all deny it but a lot of us are
constipated at times I admit it

and another reason why we break out on the
nose area is because we have a lot of

pores here, visible pores so that’s
why for me personally when I cleanse

I make sure to cleanse my T-zone and my
nose area two or three times

even more than the other parts of the face
number 5 is your lips and your mouth now

if we get breakout on our mouth or
lips area it can mostly mean that you

have problems with digestion and if you
eat food that’s too spicy or too oily it

can actually like the temperature around
your lips and mouth became rise you know

I’m saying right we need something spicy I’m like

it’s really really good really spicy
it’s really hot around the lip area well

this can actually cost breakouts and
this was very very interesting but if

you’re having breakouts on your mouth
or lip area it can also mean that the

toothpaste that you’re currently using
might not fit your skin or might not

fit you now moving on to the chin I know
that we get a lot of breakouts on the

chin and I know a lot of us are very
curious what this is related to now

if you’re getting breakouts on the chin area
it’s most likely because of genetic

organs so for our ladies y’all saw me on
this one when we get crazy breakouts on

our chin area especially like a week
before or sometime around the time you

get your period right?
another reason is if we are having

breakouts around the chin area this can
mean that we’re having problems with our

liver also

so now that we have
introduced what pimples on different

parts of the face indicates about our
health now let us tell you the detailed

skincare solution for each type of

on our face and it’s going to be really
fun it’s going to be in a skincare

routine so we’re going to start from
cleansing to cream so we also have

product recommendations for you at
the end so don’t go anywhere

number one is cleansing so if your skin
turns into the alkaline condition then

you are more likely to break out so it’s
very important to use a low pH cleanser

I want to introduce you to Klairs rich
moist foaming cleanser this is a low pH

mild cleanser that various skin types
including sensitive skin types can use

number two is exfoliation now this is a
very very important step and since

different parts of our face has
different thickness of the skin it’s

really important to use exfoliating
product that will not irritate your skin

even in the most sensitive areas on your
face so on extra excited right now

because I’m gonna be introducing you to a
soon-to-be-released product from By Wishtrend

And it is By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid
5% skin Prep water baby so this has the

ingredient that we are all familiar with
AHA mandelic acid has the largest

particles so it doesn’t irritate your
skin it’s not harsh on your skin and

very gentle and very mild however it can
effectively remove the dead skin cells

that you want and very interestingly it
not only has the you know function to

exfoliate your skin but it delivers
hydration deep into your skin since the

texture is super watery it’s very easy
to work with so you can use it as the

first step of your skincare as a daily toner
and even

skin types with the most sensitive skin
maybe able to use this without any


now this has anti-inflammatory
antibacterial effect which is very

effective for acne I know you guys are
very curious when this will be launched

right? well check the description box
below there will be a link for you to go

and sign up so you can get the news as
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for the new arrival alerts and you will be
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arrived to wishtrend.com okay so the
next step is toning now toning

I believe it’s a very important step if
you have breakouts on your face currently

it’s very important to deliver hydration
effectively to your skin so using a

toner that’s very hydrating and also
balancing the pH level of your skin is

very very important as many of you guys
know already this is one of my favorite

toner it really does its job by
hydrating your skin it restores your

skin and it has a very gentle and mild
formula so that after cleansing when

your skin is a little bit you know
irritated then this kind of helps to

calm it back down and whatever you put
on afterwards it really helps the

following products to absorb much better
into your skin so this is highly


next step is the serum or essence
that whatever floats your boat you can

call it on this step is really important
now it’s very crucial to choose a

product that doesn’t have high oil
content or a rich texture all right for

the first serum is Klairs rich moist
soothing serum this helps to hydrate your

skin and it actually helps to lower the
temperature of the surface of your skin

which is very important for acne and
breakouts it is not sticky and it isn’t

heavy so it’s great for skin types with
currently that has acne or breakouts

alright so the next serum I want to
introduce you to the name is a little

bit tricky for me but it’s
ZYMOGEN Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Serum

this is a serum that, thanks to the
Houttuynia Extract it will help to

lower the temperature of your skin also
and this helps to control sebum and

will help your skin to recover from skin

okay so the next is the mask step and I
think of this stuff very importantly

because it really helps to cool
everything down and we need that when

we’re having breakouts now it’s Klairs
rich moist soothing sheet mask and this is

one of my favorite sheet masks because
no matter what kind of condition my skin

is in I feel like this never lets me
down it doesn’t irritate my skin so with

soothing and moisturizing I think this
is definitely one my favorite sheet

masks and this also helps to lower the
temperature of your skin and we keep on

repeating and showing your product but
helps to lower the heat of your skin

which is very important when you’re
having breakouts

and one of my favorite products to use
on my acne or breakout is spot care

treatment or spot care products and I
like skinmiso spot repairing serum

which you can put it on the parts of the
face so you can put on your pimple or

pigmentation on your skin and this
product is really effective and a very

high percentage 89% of the customers
that have actually used the serum said

they have seen great results with
it and that’s pretty high

all right moving on to the next step
is cream now use a cream or a product

that is not too oily or not too thick
you’re not too rich I think that’s the

point here so use a very light textured
cream and then use a you know spot

care product or a spot cream to put
on top of it onto the problematic areas

all right so the first one I want to introduce you to is
I’m from vitamin tree

water gel now this is favored by a lot
of a lot of wishtrenders that have

problems with acne already I think the
reason is because the texture itself is

really light and fresh and I think
that’s one of the main reasons why and

this is an oil-free product that is
optimal for oily skin type or any kind

of skin type that is currently
struggling with acne this cream will

soothe and cool the skin and it contains
72.39% that is high high

percentage of vitamin leaf water this
also helps to strengthen our skins

barrier and also help to prevent

so the next cream is really effective
and excellent for those problematic

areas and it is Poruji Cream so acne is called
Poruji in Korean so it’s

so cute how they came out with the
brands name so it’s called Poruji Cream

it’s made with tea tree leaf oil and
aloe vera extract which both are really

excellent ingredient to calm acne and this
cream is also great to repair those red

spots and damaged skin and this cream also
is excellent in controlling sebum so

what I like to do is do one layer of my
cream and then you can put another layer

onto the parts that you have you know
excess sebum like your t-zone or

wherever that really bothers you and you
want to control sebum

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